16 April 2006


1.            Welcome by Chairman

The Chairman welcomed attendees and offered an apology from the Secretary, Desni Mezits who was unable to attend due to the death of her father that morning. Peter Coleman (Treasurer) said that Desni had asked that he pass on her thanks for the support that she has received from various members during her father’s illness.  The membership wishes to pass on its condolences to Desni and her family.

In the absence of Desni, Linda Gould offered to take the minutes and the membership wishes to note its thanks for Linda stepping in to help out.

2.                  Apologies

Apologies were previously received from Peter & Geraldine Buckley (277), Debbie Marsh (147), Janet Millward (various), Fleming (109), Stiles (134), & Fielding (167).

3.                  Minutes of Meeting of 23 October 2005

Subject to a change to Item 1 to note that the acting chairman at the meeting was Geoff Evans, the minutes were accepted as correct.

4.                  Matters Arising

The chairman ran through the minutes and no matters were raised.

5.                  Secretary’s Report

In the absence of the Secretary, the Treasurer (Peter Coleman) provided a report based on a briefing received from Desni.  The only item of significance to be considered related to Roger Hunt’s current negotiations with two gentlemen over the sale of the site.  Discussions in this regard have been on-going for some time and nobody knows the real position.  Peter pointed out that in the absence of real information, rumours were bound to start, but that people should be careful to believe nothing until there was official news.  If and when the committee is made aware of the facts, these will be passed on to members.  In the meantime, the only information that the Secretary has is that the two people with whom Roger is negotiating apparently already operate at least one other site in the U.K.

6.                  Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the Association has approximately £7,600 in the bank.  He had received payment at the start of the meeting from 30 members and asked that all those in attendance complete a Standing Order form to reduce the need to collect fees manually each year.  This will also help ensure that membership does not lapse just because members don’t make it to the Easter AGM each year.

The Treasurer pointed out that there are 288 chalets on the site and that, whilst some owners own more than one, the Association currently only represents about 100 owners.  If we are to ensure proper representation and have the strength to negotiate effectively, we needed to try and get others to join.  To that end, he encouraged members who knew of new owners, to let such owners know of the Association and to pass on the new owners details to the committee.

Finally, the Treasurer pointed out that to make collection of fees easier, he was suggesting that the renewal date from next year onwards should be changed from 1 January to 1 April.  The Chairman pointed out that this would need a change to the Association rules and proposed this.  The proposal was seconded by the Treasurer and overwhelmingly supported by the members in attendance.

7.                  Nomination and Election of Officers

There were no nominations for replacements for the chairman, the other officers or the committee members and each of those currently holding the positions agreed to stand again.  All of these elections were supported overwhelmingly by the members in attendance.

8.                  Site Issues

a)                  Dogs on Site

Certain members asked for clarity over the issue of dogs not being allowed on site, as there appeared to be instances where this was happening.  Another member pointed out that there were three dogs currently in one of the new houses at the front of the site.  The Chairman pointed out that the lease conditions state that owners should bring no animals on site and that the site had always had a notice pointing out that dogs are no permitted.  However, the new houses at the front are not on the site as the land was sold to the developers and that therefore the restrictions do not apply to those properties.

A request was made that the current notice be moved from its site at the entrance to the car park to the entrance to the holiday chalet area to provide clarity over the demarcation line for dogs.

b)            Site Office

It was pointed out that it is very difficult to contact Roger Hunt or anyone else who is responsible for the site maintenance, etc. and the location / existence of any office or method to be used to contact Roger is unclear.

c)         Rubbish (Fly-Tipping)

A number of members raised issues in relation to items of rubbish on the site.  Particular reference was made to a car bonnet at the back of chalets 40 – 45 and a washing machine behind chalet 197.

d)            Grass Cutting

A number of members pointed out the inadequacy of aspects of the grass cutting arrangements and apparent lack of training of the operatives undertaking the work.  Members had witnessed the grass being cut recently in such a way that the lawns were scalped leaving significant areas of bare earth (e.g. by chalet 166 and 287).  Other members complained about areas where no cutting had been done for some time, in particular on the sloped areas at the back of some chalets (e.g. 101 and 276)

e)         Path Maintenance

The owner of chalet 101 pointed out that the path at the back of his property had been in a bad state of repair for some years and Roger had promised to sort this out on a number of occasions but nothing seems to happen.

f)                   Bill Smiley Services

Bill & Barbara Smiley are operating a key management service which chalet owners are invited to use and for which there is a reasonable fee.  They are intending to offer a wider range of support services but are unable to confirm these whilst the ownership of the site is uncertain.  They confirmed that the key box originally held by the site management was still in the Long House but was not their responsibility.  They were concerned that keys might go missing and invited owners to collect their keys from the box after the meeting.

g)            Refuse Disposal

A range of issues were raised about refuse disposal.  These included:

·                    A reminder that all chalet owners are required to obtain bags from the Council into which all refuse MUST be placed before being taken to the bid shed.  White bags are provided free to owners who pay Council Tax.  Chalet owners who have elected to declare to the Council that they are operating their chalet(s) as a business and thus are liable to pay (any applicable) Business Rates, are required to pay for blue sacks.  However, the proportion of white to blue sacks being taken to the bin shed would suggest that the system is being seriously abused.  Roger Hunt needs to remind ALL owners of their obligations.

·                    It is plain that many people who rent out their chalets are failing to inform their visitors of the bag / refuse arrangements or even to supply the necessary bags.  Consequently, some renters leave rubbish outside where they are opened by wildlife and the rubbish strewn about the site.  There are signs telling people the location of the bin shed and its opening times, but these are neither large nor obvious enough and need to be supplemented with a notice on the gate, which is locked for most of the day.

·                    A group of volunteers had tidied up the back of the site and filled a skip.  Some of the rubbish was taken away by a scrap dealer.  However, this is a never-ending problem, as there appear to be some people who use the back of the site and the marshes as their personal dumping ground.  These can only be owners or outsiders and it is completely unnecessary as there is a civic amenity site in Pembroke Dock to which any rubbish can be taken.

·                    A request was made for recycling facilities to be provided at the site and it was stated that this was being investigated.  However, it was pointed out that this would require the site owner’s permission and given the potential sale, this is unlikely at the moment.

·                    It was suggested that the opening hours for the bin shed are inadequate at the end of the week, as they do not accommodate the needs of people leaving at the end of a rental period.  An extension on Saturday mornings would address this and would therefore reduce the problems resulting from bags being left by the locked gate and at the back of chalets, in other people’s bins (including in those of the houses at the front of the site), etc.  This would reduce the rubbish scattered by wild animals and the cost (to Roger Hunt) of meeting his obligations to keep the site tidy.

·                    It was pointed out that a number of bins are appearing on site by the rear of various properties and that is specifically prohibited under the lease conditions, but that Roger Hunt does not appear to be enforcing this condition.  If this continues without some form of control or regulation, the site could soon become unsightly and less inviting.

h)         Use of Chalets as Storage Facility

It was pointed out that some owners of multiple chalets are using some of their properties for general storage and that these chalets are generally badly presented and untidy.  It was felt that Roger Hunt should act to put an end to this practice.          

A letter will be sent to Roger Hunt in relation to each of the above “Site Issues”

9.         Lease Conditions and Responsibilities

It was pointed out by John Mezits that (at the agreement of members) a significant amount of Association funds had been used to have lawyers go through an example chalet lease and to comment upon it.  A key point that has come out of this is that the lease arrangements at the site are relatively unique.  As such there is no precedent on which to determine which way a court would find in relation to any of the provisions and any legal action in relation to the lease is likely, therefore, to be very expensive.  The lawyer’s views can be found on the website.

10.       Chalet Insurances

Members should have received contact from a broker about the cover for their chalets over and above that included in the lease provisions.  Owners are recommended to ensure that they have cover for the rebuilding costs.

11.            Satellite Dishes

Many chalets now have satellite dishes to which Roger objects as (apparently) does the National Park.  However, there would appear to be nothing specific in the leases enabling Roger Hunt to stop installation.  The Park Authority could serve notices to have them removed, if they consider that they breach the planning rules but, as yet, have taken no action.

The dishes can be installed by contacting Sky FreeSat who will charge a one-off installation charge of £150 which will give access to the normal terrestrial channels plus BBC 3 & 4.  However, the installers have refused to undertake some installations where there is no secure fixing point and in these cases, chalet owners may need to agree to share a dish with a neighbour or to share their secure fixing point (e.g. and end wall) for their own dish.

12.       Sale of Freehold

Roger’s efforts to sell the freeholds to the chalets to owners seem to have stopped.  This may be because he has recognised that multiple ownership of the site would make it much more difficult for him to sell the site which would appear to be high on his agenda.


13.       Letting Licences

Chalets owners that rent out were advised to check the changing law in relation to letting properties and the related fire and health and safety requirements, which are in the process of change.

14.            TPHHOA Web Site

This is very out-of-date due to some technical problems but it is hoped to get it back up and running in the very near future.

15.       Long House Bar / Catering Opening Hours, Etc.

One member raised an issue about the opening / closing hours of the Long House and attacked the early closing by the operator on the previous night.  The chairman robustly defended the operators, Bill and Barbara Smiley, who had opened the facilities in spite of considerable difficulties apparently exacerbated by the failure of the landlord (Roger Hunt) to finish various installations properly.

The chairman thanked Bill and Barbara for their considerable efforts in opening the Long House albeit with a limited range of provisions and for facilitating the THHOA meeting.

16.       Any Other Business

Debbie Marsh asked whether there was to be a laundrette on the site. 

Janet Millwood (by letter) had asked if there was any chance to put the name of the site (Trewent Park) at the front of the site as the current sign is misleading in its current form.

The chairman agreed to include in letter to Roger Hunt on both counts

17.       Date of Next Meeting

29 October 2006 at 10.00 a.m.