23 March 2008


1.                  Welcome by Chairman

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

The Secretary, Desni Mezits, was unable to attend the meeting, as she was unwell.

In the absence of Desni, Sheila Evans offered to take the minutes.


Election of Officers and Committee Members

The following officers were re-elected:       

Chairman:         Jerry Gould

Secretary:         Dezni Mezits

Treasurer:         Peter Coleman

Other Committee members re-elected were:

Geoffrey Evans  (184)

Peter Nash (28)



There were no apologies.


2.                Minutes of Meeting of 28 October 2007

Due to Desni being unwell the minutes were unavailable.


3.                Matters Arising

Unfortunately fridges are still being dumped on site.   The Council should be informed of any white goods, such as fridges etc that need to be disposed of.  A telephone call should be made to the Council who will come and collect the item from outside the individual’s chalet.
Mr Harper (248) said the bottle bank on site had disappeared. It was suggested that we use the community bottle bank on the Freshwater East car park.


4.                Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s report was not available.

Thanks to Desni for all her hard work were recorded along with good wishes for her speedy recovery. 

The Chairman noted that on the whole the site was tidy.

Bollards to the entrance to the car park in front of the Long House were noted.   This car park is for the use of customers of the Long House.  The chairman is unsure of the position with regard to its use as the site’s overflow car park.  This is not something that is protected in the leases, and it is possible that Roger has transferred ownership to the Long House business.

It was noted that individuals had erected their own bollards in certain car parking spaces around the site.



5.                Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer gave his report.

Twenty-one members were present today.  There were ninety-nine members of the Association recorded at the time of his report.

We have £8,400 available in the ‘war chest’ e.g. for any legal advice which we may need to take.

The Treasurer is treating the subscription year as being a rolling period of twelve months from the date of the first payment made by each individual member.

We have been asked to support Freshwater East Village Green campaign.



6. Any Other Business

The Chairman welcomed new members who had attended today. 

Mrs Terry (276)  mentioned that her electricity meter door was hanging off, as were many others on the site.   If contact is made with the relevant electricity supplier they should be responsible for providing a relatively secure unit for the meters.

Mr Burley (112) noted that several trees had been drastically pruned or removed from the site.   The work was done because these trees were unsafe or overgrown.

Mr Marsh (147) asked if the shop at the Long House was opening.   It seems that it is not opening at present and is unlikely to open in the near future.

Boats have been noted to be parked around the site and not in the boat park provided by Mr Roger Hunt.   This seems to be because of the fees to be paid to use the boat park.  Often owners park a boat in their own car parking space but then use other parking spaces for their cars.   If individuals wish to complain regarding boat parking they should take up the matter with Mr Roger Hunt, though the chairman will write and ask Roger to review current arrangements and enforcement of lease conditions.

The Treasurer mentioned that there seem to be at least four different wordings to the leases for properties at Trewent Park.  He suggested owners might let him have a copy of their lease (with personal details obliterated) and he will compare them. 

With regard to car parking it seems people will park anywhere that is convenient to them.

Mr Badger brought up the question of developing the Wetlands.   No proposed plans have been heard of.  

There was an enquiry from the floor as to whether Mr Roger Hunt was still trying to sell the site.   It is believed that it is still on the market but no knowledge of any offers are known.

Antonio (23) brought up the subject of the children’s play area.  The original play area was removed by Mr Roger Hunt due to health and safety regulations.  There is nothing in the lease to say that a play area has to be provided.  Antonio suggested we provide our own play area but this would have to be done with Mr Hunt’s permission and he would be liable for any accidents at the end of the day, which would make this idea unviable for him. 

The Trewent Park service charge was mentioned.   Our payments of £400/£500 per annum seem reasonable compared with possibly £1800/£2000 or more per annum for local caravan parks.

The Treasurer would like it recorded that the annual increase in the service charge is related to the RPI of 4.3% and not the CPI of 2.8%.   The lease clearly states that annual increases are related to the RPI.    The Treasurer has received more than one irate telephone call from people regarding this matter.   They seem to think that the TPHHOA have some control over this issue.

Mr Terry (276) gave a vote of thanks to the Committee for all their efforts and hard work in running the TPHHOA.   He also asked that Desni be wished well in making a speedy recovery from her illness.


7.           Date of Next Meeting

TBA - 19/26 October 2008 at 10.00 a.m.