Chairman’s Report

 The Chairman reported that it had been a quiet year, which was a sign of the general well-being of the site…. but with a few of the usual topics being raised by members. 


That said, he suggested that the site was generally in very good order, due in the most part, to the good offices of the site Manager “Dave”. 


The Chairman then went on to raise the following topics :

 ·  Electricity Boxes. Damaged meter boxes pose a risk to any children who might play with them as well as risking the integrity of the supply to the property. Members were reminded that the integrity and safety of these boxes are their responsibility and that their route to having repairs carried out was via their electricity supplier. It was noted that there were boxes which had been in a very poor state and while PC will raise this (again) with the Landlord it was up to the landlord to decide whether there is a need to take enforcement action against those involved.

·         Dogs. All leases contain clause stating that dogs are not allowed on site. However there has been a recent issue where a representative of the Landlord gave unauthorised permission for a dog owner to bring his dog on site. Given the apparent discrepancy, leading to a disparity in the treatment of association owners PC had raised this issue with the landlord who advised that he would take appropriate action to enforce the lease.

·         National Parks Planning & Development. Last year the Association was invited to comment on the draft “Freshwater East Local Nature Reserve – Management Plan. The Chairman, on behalf of the Association made representation about the area adjacent to the site and the narrow road bridge = A request to improve drainage for pedestrians and improved visibility for motorists when negotiating the bridge. The PCNPA are still considering the points but have, in the meantime, started some of the other works including planting trees to replace the ageing poplar trees that border the site and the marsh


General discussion about members’ issues

At this point the Chairman opened the meeting up to discussion on topics raised from the floor with the following issues and actions noted.


Raised by (Chalet No)

Topic / Issue




There has been an issue with the tenant of no 169 for almost two years. While there appears to have been a recent resolution there is concern about the state of the unit and the fact that the original tenant has access as recently as 4th April.

The problem tenant was eventually evicted as the result of a Court Order enforced in late March. The Order allowed the tenant up to 14 days in which to collect personal possessions from the site.


There is a problem with one of the rear casement windows which is being kept in place with the help of a scaffolding pole, PC will raise this safety concern with RH.


Concerns were also expressed about the integrity of the whole of the front façade and PC will raise with the landlord



One of the “No dogs allowed” has been removed. Can it be replaced please

The sign was removed and damaged by the recent tenant of No 169.

A new sign is being readied and will be installed shortly


Could a new “Trewent Park “ sign please be installed at the entrance to the site – to replace one that was there for many years. (many owners refer to the site as Trewent Park and their visitors are having difficulty identifying the site.

Note; This sign to be in addition to the existing Holiday Park sign



PC to discuss with RH


There is a satellite dish mounted on open land adjacent to no 290 which is unsightly and with a cable which is dangerous


PC to discuss with RH



Situation with the Longhouse. It is a great shame that this wonderful resource is closed and unused

PC reported that he has spoken to RH recently about this matter and that RH was searching for a suitable person / team to run the site. It was recognised that it was in the best interests of all interested parties for the  Longhouse to be open – but RH is keen to ensure a suitable long term and viable solution is provided


The parking along the top straight stretch of road is unsafe but the speed of cars is even more of a concern.

Could a clearly marked traffic calming measure please be installed on this section of road?



PC to discuss with RH


Many of the parking bay numbers have become illegible due to the weather and general use. Can these please be repainted?


PC to discuss with RH


There used to be a path along the NE side of the site, adjacent to where the new trees have been planted and which led down to the road bridge. Could this please be reinstated?

The Chairman questioned whether this was originally a pathway but noted that the creation of the haul road seems to have made the pathway easier to navigate – perhaps some grass seed (from the PCNPA???) would improve the area?


PC to seek the view of the Landlord


The Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP) is looking to improve mobile coverage in areas where there is currently no coverage from any of the Mobile Network Operators.


Freshwater East has been identified as such an area. MIP and Peter Williams, who works for the Welsh Government, are looking for a suitable site for a mast.


It was proposed that we write giving our support and encouragement  for the project to bring mobile infrastructure to Freshwater East/Trewent Park.


This was unanimously agreed.


Action. Nick Vince



Several owners do not have fixed telephone lines installed and are unable to pick up a mobile phone signal. What can be done to help in the case of an emergency?

It was suggested that even where there is no phone signal there is a back-up (satellite based?) system whereby dialling 999 will still connect mobile phone users with an emergency operator. Alongside this it was mentioned that the major mobile phone operators are not minded to improve signal strength in the area as it is not considered to be viable. There are plans to improve fibre networks to the areas and this may allow for local cheaper solutions. There are also some technologies that may be used by individuals to boost their own signal. Owners should discuss these technologies with their respective mobile phone suppliers.