Trewent Park Holiday Owners Association


Minutes of the 2017 AGM, held in The Longhouse, on Sunday 29th April 2017


There were 22 members present

Apologies from Nos 28, 37, 66, 135, 147, 151, 166, 167, 252, 253)


The minutes of the previous AGM


These werereviewed and accepted.


The Longhouse


Before dealing with the agenda the Chairman invited the landlord of the Longhouse, Peter, to introduce
himself to the members and to outline his plans and ambitions, as summarised as follows:-.

  The Longhouse is independent of the TPHH site

  It needs to be run as an independent community based resource to be viable, not just an
on-site pub or club house.

  There are plans to hold events on site and to enable other events in the area

  It is open to all but is not a "baby-sitting" facility; children must be accompanied by adults and not
considered simply as a play area as part of the site as has already happened this year.

  Members who let out properties are asked to make these points clear; further information is available
from "Time flies at the Longhouse"

The meeting thanked Peter for his time and wished him and his team well - (members and their visitors
also benefit from having a lively and vibrant facility nearby)


Matters Arising


        Welcome Signage

Following discussions at the last AGM the Chairman has approached the landlord and requested clearer
signage in terms of a suitable sign overlooking the publichighway. The meeting was undecided as to
whether the site is "Trewent Park" or "Freshwater Bay Holiday Village". The Chairman agreed to raise the
issue again.

        Inconsiderate parking on the main thoroughfare through the site

While this is a problem, predominately in high season, it was agreed to ask for new yellow lines
be painted on the carriageway and the no parking policy enforced.

        On-site building works.

Mention was made of an ongoing dispute between a member and the "on-site" management building
company regarding works that had been done by the on-site company. The Chairman advised members to
check their leases to ensure that they had a right to choose who they wished to do the work. The Chairman
reported that he had spoken to G&I Roofing Ltd who were happy and willing to undertake building works.
Several members spoke of their complete satisfaction at the work that has been done by G & I Roofing.

        Street Lighting

Work has been done to upgrade the lighting in various but not all locations on site. After discussion it was
agreed to ask that:-

o   The wattage on the new lights be reduced

o   The street lightning on the main thoroughfare between the car entrance to the Longhouse and
the first "No Dogs" sign be repaired / improved

        Rates surcharge on 2nd homes by Pembrokeshire County Council

The Chairman advised that following complaints by three residents he had, again, spoken to the Council
who confirmed that homeowners of the Association are exempt from this surcharge and anyone receiving
such a rates demand will have done so in error and should contact the Council directly to have this
corrected. The Chairman also reminded members to check that they subsequently receive a revised rates
demand (usually in May) showing the one month rebate that is proper to the home owners

        Meter Boxes

The Chairman reminded members of the dangers to park visitors as well as the risk to their own electricity
supply of unprotected meter units due to damage to the doors. Members should contact their own electricity
suppliers to seek remedial action, bearing in mind that it is a contractual arrangement between owners and
their electricity providers for the safe supply of electricity (and not Western Utilities). It can be worth
pointing out that in many cases the damage to doors appears to have been caused by meter readers not
re-securing the doors properly when making routine visits to read meters.

        Refuse collections

Following a lack of compliance regarding the disposing of recyclable and non-recyclable waste in the bins
at the far end of the site the council has decided to treat all rubbish as non-recyclable and have asked
owners to use black bin bags in future. Given that many members still have the coloured bags it was
suggested that this stock be used up before purchasing black. The Chairman was tasked with asking the
site management to dispense with the signs directing owners to match the various bin bags with the various
colour coded bins.

        "Imitation is the best form of flattery"

The Chairman advised that he had been contacted by another holiday home site in Carmarthenshire who
are experiencing some of the historic problems that arose on this site many years ago. As a result the
residents at that site plan to set an owners association and would like to use our rules etc and are seeking
advice. The Chairman has agreed to meet them and see if they can learn from both our experiences and
knowledge. In return we may gain useful information - always helpful for the future.


Issues from the floor.


        Cost of conveyancing.

During a recent change of ownership the site company demanded 250 for the administrative cost of
amending the lease register. While the conveyancing solicitor argued that no such charge was appropriate
it was paid to ensure a relatively speedy completion of sale.

        Land Registry

A member who was one of the original owners dating back to the early 1970 expressed a concern that their
property was not registered with the Land Registry. The Treasurer, who is more of an expert on such
matters, provided the owner with information about how to register their property and so get peace of mind.
(an issue that affects many homeowners across the country)


Financial Report


Jenny Vince reported that there is currently 9,062.66 in the bank with 31 paid up members.
Full details follow as Appendix1.

The Chairman commented that the membership level tends to decline when all is "sweetness and light"
in the Park




Mention was made of the plan to extend the board walk being built on the marshland. While there was
some concern it was noted that the pathway will only access the site adjacent to the Longhouse and that
no dogs will be allowed on the board walk .


While FESCA appears to be a strong local lobby group its focus is on areas remote to our site with
no other issues of concern to the association at this time


Officers 2017 - 2018


The following were agreed (unanimously) for the coming year

Chairman Peter Coleman

Secretary Jenny Vince

Treasurer Neil Fowler

Web master Geoff Evans


It was further agreed that there was not a need for a committee as such but that the Chairman would call in
local / expert advice if the need arose.


Attendees thought that the provision of tea and biscuits at the AGM was a good idea- they were


Date of next meeting

Agreed as 6th May 2018


Appendix 1.

Trewent Park Holiday Home Owners Association





Balance Sheet

31 December 2016

Current Assets

Bank and Cash Accounts:

Lloyds TSB

30 Day Account


Current Account


Cash in Hand




Represented by:

Accumulated Fund

Balance at 1 January 2016


Excess of Expenditure over Income


Balance at 31 December 2016






Income and Expenditure Account

1 January 2016 - 31 December 2016


Bank Interest


Membership Subscriptions





Web site hosting


Payment to David


Room hire




Excess of Expenditure over Income