Trewent Park Holiday Owners Association


Minutes of the 2018 AGM, held in The Longhouse, on Sunday 6th May 2018


There were 31 members present

Apologies from No’s 147 and 266


The minutes of the previous AGM


These were reviewed and accepted.


Matters Arising


·        The Longhouse

The Longhouse did not have a good year last year and this year is make or break, so it needs our support. It is not a club house. Children must be accompanied by adults. It is technically illegal for under 15s to be in there on their own as it is a licences premises.

·        Welcome Signage

The landlord has agreed to provide a new sign which will include reference to both “Trewent Park” and “Freshwater Bay Holiday Village”.

·        Inconsiderate parking on the main thoroughfare through the site

The situation is improving although there is one indiscriminate parker in particular. New yellow lines have been painted.

·        On-site building works.

The Chairman advised members, who wish to have building works done, to check their leases to ensure that they had a right to choose who they wished to do the work. He has looked at over 40 leases and none of these said that you had to use a contractor specified by the landlord. Notwithstanding this, it is understood that G & I Roofing is currently a contractor approved by the landlord.

·        Street Lighting

Some people have been turning the street lights off. The landlord hopes to remedy this by reducing the power wattage.

·        Rates surcharge on 2nd homes by Pembrokeshire County Council

The Chairman confirmed that we are exempt from this.

·        Meter Boxes

There are still a couple of unsafe ones. If meter boxes are damaged, members should contact their own electricity suppliers to seek remedial action, bearing in mind that it is a contractual arrangement between owners and their electricity providers for the safe supply of electricity – (and not Western Utilities). It can be worth pointing out that in many cases the damage to doors appears to have been caused by meter readers not re-securing the doors properly when making routine visits to read meters.

·        Refuse collections

We no longer have mixed recycling so all rubbish goes to landfill unless you take it home.


Other Matters from the Chair


·        Buying the Freehold

Following an approach from a member regarding buying the freehold, the Chairman has looked into this and was advised against it. If required, he can provide members with the name of experts in this field.

·        Rent Smart Wales

Landlords in Wales who rent property out through Short Term Assured Tenancies have to be registered with Rent Smart Wales, however holiday letting is exempt.

·        GDPR

Under the European General Data Protection Regulation, from 25th May 2018 the Association will need to have your permission to hold your contact details and be able to send you emails. A form is available at the meeting for this purpose.

·        Animals

The Chairman reminded those present that no animals are allowed on site under the terms of our leases.


Issues from the floor.


·        Glass Recycling.

Peter Kingsbury, No 135, asked is glass is stil recycled from the site. The Chairman said he would check this out. Sue Cooper advised there was currently one glass recycling bin although there had been 3 over the winter.

·        Purpose of Subscriptions

Susanne Criddle, No 282 asked for an explanation. The Chairman advised that they TPHHOA exists to negotiate on behalf of all of us for the benefit of the site, and to share knowledge and pick up on general issues.

·        Orange Bags

Roger Hill, No 166 asked if orange recycling bags were still issued outside Trewent Park and was advised that this was the case. Trewent Park has a unique arrangement.

·        Advertising Board

Susanne Criddle, No 282, wanted the picture of her chalet taken off the board advertising chalet improvements. The builder that did the work on her chalet does not do it any more.

Susanne also mentioned that she was still in dispute with the landlord regarding work done nearly two years ago and that she had involved a solicitor to help resolve this matter.




Neil Fowler, the Treasurer, reported that there had been an income of £312 in the year ending 31/12/17 and an expenditure of £55 on the website. Totals in the two bank accounts at 31/12/17 were £3629 and £5376. At the date of the AGM the grand total was £9092.

The donation to Dave is still outstanding for this year and so does not appear in the accounts..


It was agreed to give Dave £250 this year as a sign of our gratitude.


We have been asked if we will contribute towards maintenance of the defibrillator which is sited outside the Longhouse. The Chairman will gather more information. It was agreed that up to £150 would be paid towards its maintenance, the actual amount depending on the outcome of his investigations.


Officer 2018 – 2019


The following were agreed (unanimously) for the coming year

            Chairman                    Peter Coleman

            Secretary                     Jenny Vince

            Treasurer                    Neil Fowler

            Web master                 Geoff Evans


Date of Next Meeting

Agreed as the Sunday before the early May Bank Holiday i.e. 5th May 2019


Peter Nash proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee.