Date:    October 24th, 2004, 10:00 am




Chairman Jerry Gould welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Mr. Gould reported that a letter of condolence on behalf of TPHHOA had been sent to Mrs. Janet Millwood with a tribute to Dr. Millwood’s many years of service to the Association.  It has been reported that Mr. David Coles, past Treasurer to the Association, is deceased and expressions of regret and gratitude for his service to the Association were expressed.


AGENDA ITEM 2: Apologies

Apologies for non-attendance received by telephone and e-mail were noted


AGENDA ITEM 3 and 4:

The minutes of the previous meeting, April 11th, 2003, were accepted as a true and correct record.  Minutes of meetings are posted on TPHHOA web site.



Desni expressed thanks to Rhoda Hode and John Mezits for their assistance in preparing postcards for meeting reminder.


Generally, the system of trash disposal introduced by the Council and implemented by the leaseholder is working quite successfully with only a few people choosing to leave black bags lying around to be ripped open by wild animals.  There has been some difficulty with collection of bags from the Council but this can be resolved by taking the letter sent to all homeowners to the council office in Pembroke Dock and collecting the bags.  If a homeowner is unable to collect bags themselves, the Council will accept a letter of authorization for someone else to collect the bags on the homeowner’s behalf.  Chalet owners paying regular council taxes get white bags free of charge and owners who pay lower commercial rates pay a small nominal sum for blue bags.  All bags are specially printed for Trewent Park.  Anyone continuing to experience problems should call the Council for a duplicate letter to be sent to them.


A request to open the bin shed for extra time during the holiday season will be made.


Mrs. Mezits met with the Association’s legal counsel, Mr. Roland Lewis of Ungoed-Thomas and King in Carmarthen, regarding the terms and conditions of the Trewent Park lease.  Mr. Lewis affirmed that the lease is extremely vague and ambiguous and not in favour of lessees, but that the leaseholder’s minimum obligation for trash disposal according to the terms of the lease is being met according to law.  Both lessees and lessor must comply with requirements specifically stated in the lease but problems arise because the lease is NOT specific.  Contrary to speculation, there are only very weak grounds to challenge the lease.  We were all reminded that we signed the lease when we purchased chalets and that it was our own responsibility, or that of our solicitors, to read and understand what we were buying.  He advised against adversarial action and proposed building sensible and reasonable rapport between homeowners and the lessor for problem solving in the long term.




Mr. Peter Coleman, treasurer, reported that TPHHOA assets currently stand at Eight Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Two Pounds (8,132.00), less about one thousand pounds due to legal counsel.  Association members names and addresses are being updated and members are asked to notify the Treasurer of any change of address.  Membership currently stands at 91 members who represent 148 chalets.  It was agreed that membership needs to be increased.



Mr. Geoff Evans reported that the TPHHOA web site contains basic information about the site and association.  Any feedback, suggestions or requests about web site content may be e-mailed to Mr. Evans.  The Association’s web site is:  www.tphhoa.org.uk.  The web site is run by Pembrokeshire Association.  The question of whether lettings may be made available on the Association’s website needs to be investigated as conditions of letting may be constrained by the lease.  However, links to individual web sites may be possible.  Mr. Evans was thanked for his work in maintaining the TPHHOA web site.



There was discussion concerning the position of the Association regarding the Freshwater East Society’s movement to conserve the Burrows area of Freshwater East.  It was generally agreed that the Association supports the protection of the Burrows  in their present form and that there is liaison with the Freshwater East Society concerning this issue.  A representative of the Freshwater East Society may be invited to a future meeting to give information and feedback.



The new rubbish disposal system has been more successful than anticipated, although there will be discussion with management about opening the bin bay for extra time, particularly in the high holiday season.  Poor communication had contributed to initial problems with the trash disposal and every effort should be made to ensure that any system changes are relayed to all homeowners in writing.



As reviewed and confirmed by the Association’s legal counsel, there is nothing in the lease that states management has to provide and/or maintain TV aerial facilities.  The existing cabling for television on the site is over 30 years old and has never been overhauled.  An aerial is provided on the site but as a result of much interference with the cable when new roofs have been built causing bad cable contacts, and because of general deterioration, the old cabling to the site aerial is not providing good reception in many places on the site.  The management offered to replace the cable if owners contributed to the cost but no agreement could be reached.  Consequently, chalet owners will need to provide their own television facilities if those existing are not sufficient.  Management has agreed that small satellite dishes which provide SKY television may be used.  Aerials may be considered non-structural but are not aesthetic if they appear randomly and without careful installation.  FREEVIEW may soon be available in the Freshwater area but requires that an aerial be in a correct position. Individual television licenses are necessary.


The National Parks will be contacted to ascertain the planning situation regarding windows, satellites and aerials.



There was considerable discussion about the state of pathways both at fronts and rear of chalets.  Mr. Hunt has indicated that pathways will be reviewed in 2005.


It was agreed that this issue will be pursued vigorously.


Concern was expressed about some wheelie bins which have appeared on site.  These bins are being used by West Wales Beach Breaks (WWBB), which represents the site management for chalet lettings, acting on behalf of several chalet owners and letting houses to temporary construction workers in the area.  West Wales Beach Breaks is responsible for the collection of trash for these lettings and depositing said trash in the bin bay in accordance with site rules.


Homeowners who have previously left keys with the former site manager, Mr. Noel Doyle, should contact Mr. Bill Smillie to determine the status of their keys.


Other issues of site maintenance discussed were as follows:


Drains:                          Cleaning needed – to be brought to management’s attention. 


Communal steps:                     Need painting for safety.


Appearance of gardens:          To be brought to attention of management.


Replacement Windows:           Leaseholder permission is required under the lease.  A letter of request should be sent to management and if no reply is received, then tacit consent is assumed.  Bow windows may require planning permission.


Roads:                                      Vision is poor in some areas because of obstruction by trees.

            Some bay numbers and road number signs need replacing.


Telephone Box:                        There is no public telephone box on the site, although there is a box located in the nearby beach car park.  As there is no commercial incentive for BT to install a box, it is unlikely that one would be brought to Trewent Park.


Site Agent:                               Mr. Bill Smillie acts as letting agent for the management through West Wales Beach Breaks.  It appears unlikely that Mr. Noel Doyle will return to his position.


There appears to have been misunderstanding and confusion about what maintenance to individual chalets can be expected.  Previously, management would undertake some maintenance jobs for a fee.  Mr. Doyle has also done private jobs for homeowners for a fee.  Actually, management has no obligation to undertake any routine maintenance in chalets.  However, maintenance services may be negotiated.  Also, if West Wales Beach Breaks is used there are a variety of services offered.  Further information about this is available from Mr. Smillie or Mr. Hunt.


The services that homeowners receive for establishment charges are poorly defined in the lease and minimally specific. 



Insurance:  The cost of insurance increased with the increased value of the chalets.  Insurance obtained through the site only covers structure, not contents.  An effort will be made to post policy cover on the web site.  Homeowners are free to obtain their own insurance for their chalets.


Extending Membership of TPHHOA:  It was proposed that membership of TPHHOA may be offered to owners of the new houses at the front of the site.  There was considerable discussion about this and what advantages there may be to either or both parties.  It was agreed that the Committee will approach individual owners of the new houses to ascertain their level of interest.


Access Through Site:  The Trewent Park lease states that there will be access through the site.  It is a management responsibility to ensure that access is not impeded.


Clearing of Area Behind Upper Chalets:  It needs to be determined whose responsibility it is to clear the hilly area behind the upper chalets.


Ongoing expenditures:  It was agreed by consensus that the Treasurer is authorised to approve expenditures up to a further 500 pounds according to his discretion.


Vote of Thanks:  A vote of thanks was proposed to Mr. and Mrs. Fleming for their generosity in offering the use of Renaissance Bar One Restaurant for this meeting.  Carried unanimously.


Thanks were extended to the Committee for their work and efforts on behalf of the Association.



The date and venue of the next meeting will be determined.









Desni Carolyne Mezits