Fellow members of the Association

Evidently the Association has been in existence for more than 55 years but this is the first year in its history that it has not been possible to hold an AGM. While the original date was at the beginning of May this was when we were all in total lockdown so “Plan B“ was to delay the AGM until after the peak season, namely, in September. We are now well into September and the second spike in Covid infections is appearing. Accordingly I have spoken to the secretary as well as a number of members and feel that I have no option but to cancel the 2020 AGM: the well being and safety of members is absolutely paramount and I hope that you can understand the decision.

Despite us being unable to visit for several months, life has been going on much as normal on site this year and I am pleased to report that the whole park is looking neat and tidy.

In writing I would like to take this opportunity to update you on some general matters relating to the site and its environs.

1. You may have seen press coverage about the sale of the site. In fact the freehold of the site has been on the market for the past 11 years and it appears that it caught the attention of the local press when a new international estate agent took on the task of trying to sell it. Some of the public comments on line were clearly misleading and unsettling. Please be assured that your holiday home is secure and cannot be bought or sold from under your feet. I will issue an update on any news of a sale as and when there is any.

2. I have had some enquiries about seeking reductions in council rates and site maintenance charges. Looking particularly at the site maintenance charges the site was never closed and the onsite tasks and maintenance activities continued uninterrupted. The local authority also took a similar stance in that they still had to maintain the infrastructure activities adding that it was not they that stopped visitors visiting Pembrokeshire. .... They claim that it was the Welsh Parliament and we do not pay rates et al directly to them. The long and short of it is, and after further research, that we do not seem to have a viable route towards recovering any of our annual costs.... unless anyone knows better.

3. You may be aware that our long serving and well respected site maintenance man, “Dave” retired last autumn. However I am delighted to report that his brother, Tim, has taken over and we are still afforded the same high standard of service. While we wish Dave a long and enjoyable retirement we welcome Tim and I would encourage you to show him your respect and appreciation

4. There has been some disappointment relating to the limited opening hours of The Longhouse. The Association has no say in this matter but the hope that in the post Covid environment it will be possible to return to some form of normality next year.

5. Rubbish. Just when I thought the dust had settled I received a couple of calls objecting to the erection of bollards at the entrance to the tip. The reason for this was quite simply because of indiscriminate and illegal dumping of rubbish by parties other than residents. This action seems to have had the desired effect albeit some preferred the old arrangement.

6. RV’s (Motor Homes). Since the easing of lockdown a number of motor homes owners have abused the site by using it for overnight parking. This had been exasperated by the National Parks Authority enforcing no overnight parking in public areas and by a larger than normal number of Motor Home owners determined to spend time, post lockdown, in Pembrokeshire. The site owner is aware of the issue and is taking action as best as possible.

7. Jet skis. Beyond the site, on Freshwater East beach, there has been concern over the indiscriminate and dangerous behaviour of some Jet Ski owners. Following representations to the National Park Authority, action has been taken to limit the times that jet skis can be launched; Wardens have been deployed and it is hoped that they will continue to be deployed again next year.

Being Chairman can be both interesting and varied. While I have summarised the more important topics with which I have been involved this past year or so, if you have any questions or concerns that I have not mentioned then do not hesitate to contact me, albeit during sensible hours please. My contact details are Tel: 07725 996179 /

Hoping to see you in 2021

With sincere best wishes.


Keep well and keep safe

Peter Coleman



Page published 21 September 2020


Update from the Chairman September 2020
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